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"Warriors do not win victories by beating their heads against walls, but by overtaking the walls. Warriors jump over walls; they don't demolish them."

Don Juan



Prokopa Diviše 9
400 01 Ústí nad Labem
Czech Republic
phone: +420 777 268 729 (sms only)

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PhDr. Jan Benda, Ph.D. - coaching - Ústí nad Labem, Prokopa Diviše 9

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How does coaching proceed?

Coaching in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic!

I offer you regular coaching meetings lasting for 50 minutes 3 times a month or 90 minutes 1 – 2 times a month. The first ten meetings are always personal face-to-face meetings. As soon as we know each other sufficiently and build the necessary confidence, it is later possible to substitute some meetings by a telephone or Skype interview.

At the beginning of coaching we will always clearly set the goal coaching shall lead to. We will also agree on the time framework; most frequently five (in the beginning) or ten (later) meetings. After the expiration of this contract we will evaluate the efficiency and benefits of coaching together, whether you have achieved the set goal and/or we may continue with another updated contract. I provide short e-mails and telephone calls between meetings for no additional charges. I coach in Prague, throughout the Czech Republic and EU.