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"Denying oneself is an indulgence. The indulgence of denying is by far the worst; it forces us to believe that we are doing great things, when in effect we are only fixed within ourselves."

Don Juan



Prokopa Diviše 9
400 01 Ústí nad Labem
Czech Republic
phone: +420 777 268 729 (sms only)

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PhDr. Jan Benda, Ph.D. - coaching - Ústí nad Labem, Prokopa Diviše 9

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Coaching free of charge

To be able to assess and decide whether coaching is the right choice for you and that Jan Benda is the right coach, I offer a 20-30 minutes´ meeting with you to discuss your present situation and goals and to get acquainted with me. Order coaching free of charge!

How to order?

Coaching and Leadership Development in Prague!

To make an order, please send an e-mail to or SMS to +420 777 268 729 with a contact to you and also specify your time possibilities. Within 24 hours I will send you an offer of 2 – 3 possible terms for the first meeting you may choose from. If you state that you consider it necessary to speak with me on the phone first, I will offer 2 - 3 possibilities to you when I will be receiving calls and you can call.

I coach in Prague, throughout the Czech Republic and EU.

NOTICE: If you have chosen me as a coach due to the reason that we have personally met at courses or within Assessment and Development Centres held by Assessment Systems, Odyssey or Insight, please contact these companies when ordering coaching. They have me as a coach in their offer. Thank you for your understanding.