Take a look at Jan Benda's books about mindfulness, psychotherapy and the path to self- transcendence


Take a look at Jan Benda’s books about mindfulness, psychotherapy and the path to self-


Take a look at Jan Benda’s books about mindfulness, psychotherapy and the path to self-transcendence.

Titulní strana knihy Všímavost a Já

Mindfulness and the Self: Mindfulness-Informed Integrative Psychotherapy

This book will be released by Routledge in 2024.

The image we have of ourselves is shaped during our childhood and is often influenced by various emotional wounds. Mindfulness and the Self describes four types of these wounds and shows how they can be healed and transformed through developing mindfulness and self-compassion.

Grounded in the innovative Mindfulness-Informed Integrative Psychotherapy framework, this book presents a revolutionary phenomenological model of maladaptive schemas and redefines our understanding of mental disorders. It offers practical procedures to uncover hidden core beliefs and treat our most painful inner feelings – existential fear, shame, and loneliness. Beyond healing, this text will guide you in developing an authentic and transcendent self while alerting you to common pitfalls on your spiritual journey. Drawing on contemporary therapeutic approaches and integrating insights from neuroscience, psychedelic research, and Buddhist psychology, the book includes 20 practical exercises and presents practices and techniques that may be used in psychotherapy and personal development.

This book is an inspiring read for therapists, mindfulness practitioners, and anyone eager to integrate therapeutic insights into their journey toward a fulfilling life. It is indispensable for all seeking to overcome emotional barriers and enhance personal and transpersonal growth.

Mindfulness and self-compassion: Transforming emotions in psychotherapy

The author draws from his rich clinical experience, from meditation practice as well as from the latest research in the field of emotions, mindfulness, and self-compassion. He follows the work of M. Frýba, A. Pesso, E. Gendlin, L. Greenberg, and others, and introduces his own comprehensive theory of the development of most common psychopathological symptoms.
The book offers an original transdiagnostic model of psychotherapeutic change and a practical description of procedures and techniques that may possibly be integrated into any psychotherapeutic approach. In the context of growing interest in mindfulness, it introduces as yet unpublished psychotherapeutic procedures. This modern perspective offers valuable inspiration for professionals as well as for anyone interested in self-knowledge and self-development.

Mysticism and schizophrenia: Mystical experiences as a focus of clinical attention

Are mystical experiences a sign of mental disorder? What is a spiritual emergency? Mystic way and its pitfalls…
This describes the e-book authored by Jan Benda, Ph.D. which has already been downloaded more than 8,000 times. The book presents offers an alternative perspective on some often psychiatrized phenomena such as “depression”, “visions” or “voices” and shows, that these phenomena may also have a spiritual meaning. The experiences of mystics St. John of the Cross, Teresa of Ávila and others as well as the experiences of shamans from different parts of the world provides compelling evidence that psychiatric medication is not the only possible cure for these issues.